Your broadband network
& service partner

Founded in 2008 in France, our Audit & Consulting Company operates in Europe and Africa by supporting our customers in their strategic market technical evolution and operational implementation of their projects in the field of Telecom and New Technologies (Audit / MOA / MOE / Innovation).
You are Telecom Operators, regulators, Enterprise or Government Institution and you are experiencing issue in one of the field below, we can bring our proven field expertise to you!
1/ Audit & benchmark telephony service & broadband services Quality of experience :

-    You are experiencing quality issue on telephony services carried on your network
-    You would like to have a clear status about the level of international call quality terminating or originating in your Telephony platforms
-    You would like to evaluate the customer experience when using your broadband services (Internet access …)

2/ Wireless Network Coverage auditing :

-    You would like audit or make a benchmark of Telecom operators network coverage

3/ Auditing international calls traffic & conciliation between operators :

-    Your traffic volume is constantly decreasing with falls of revenue, particularly the international calls traffic.
-    Or you have any doubts about the volume of traffic with your partner.

4/ SLA & performance IP networks :

-    You want to evaluate the compliancy of the SLA with your Provider
-    Or simply you want to measure the end to end performance of your network (speed, latency, packet loss) and how they are impacting
      the quality of the applications (RF2544, ITU Y.1564, Y.1731 ITU)

5/ Indicator QoE barometer :

-    You want to set up a guidelines Quality of Experience management and monitoring
-    You want to set up a regular user-oriented quality benchmark using very relevant indicators
-    You want to define and harmonize QoE indicators and their measurement procedures in the multi-operators context

6/ Security platforms and infrastructures :

-    You would like to evaluate the level of exposure of your service platforms and applications against security threats and vulnerabilities,
-    Or just encounter security issues on your network or applications, but you do not know the level of the issue

7/ Network Infrastructure Optimization & functional validation :

-    You want to optimize your infrastructure, implementing QoS so that the multimedia services can be transported there with a good level
      of quality

8/ New service deployment: UC, VOIP, VC, IPTV / VOD / OTT :

-    You would like to acquire and deploy a Telephony (VoIP / VoIP) or Unified Solution Commination (UC) & Collaboration solution or offer
      multiple-play solutions, but you want an external advice to:
      >   Know the state of the art
      >   Validate the functional need
      >   Evaluate the capacity of your infrastructure to support these new services
-    You just want to be accompanied throughout the process of functional and technical validation (setting up lab, pilot,..)